In this class, we’ll be learning the fundamentals of chemistry while we cook up tasty food!

Be sure you have the following books for first semester:

Culinary Reactions

What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained


Chemistry Dictionary Printables

Elements Printables


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Interactive Periodic Table

Periodic Table Videos

Periodic Table Playlist


Week 1 – Rustic bread, fresh butter

Week 2 – Marshmallows, Chocolate mousse

Week 3 – Hollandaise sauce, Eggs Benedict

Week 4 – Mozzarella, Caprese Salad, Lacto-Fermented Carrots

Week 5 – Sourdough Start, Buttermilk, Ice Cream in a Bag

Week 6 – Instant Pot Apple Blueberry Crisp, Balsamic Reduction, Tapas Almonds

Week 7 – Sourdough Pancakes, Carmelized Onions, Ham and Cheese Paninis, Beth Weight’s Sourdough Bread

Week 8 – Ricotta Fritters, Easy Fruit Syrup

Week 9 – Blueberry Corn Pancakes, Clarified Butter, Baked Potato Hashbrowns

Week 10 – Salt Seared Burgers, Easy Gravy, Oven Grilled Vegetables

Week 11 – Easy Empanadas, Pico de Gallo

2nd Semester recipes

Week 1 – Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

Week 2 – Easy Tikka Masala, IP (Instant Pot) Rice, Naan bread